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The Eye Super Specialties, referred to as TESS, is a state-of-the-art eye clinic, located in North-East Mumbai that provides holistic and quality eye care to its patients. TESS, a NABH accredited facility is staffed by a team of highly qualified super-specialty trained ophthalmologists that together have more than 4 lakh person years of experience.

With the single-minded belief and objective of growing together with the ophthalmic fraternity, TESS conceived the idea of ´Co-operative´ Ophthalmology. This has not only been instrumental in establishing a congenial environment for fellow Ophthalmologists to work together in providing world-class patient care but also establish a platform for consultants to share latest news and advances in the field of ophthalmology.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)

Accreditation of hospitals ensures that you receive quality healthcare as per global standards. TESS has more than four lakh person years of combined experience in eye care and is one of the few NABH accredited eye hospitals in Mumbai

Our Inspiration

L V Prasad Eye Institute is synonymous with quality eye care in India and across the world. To a great extent this is due to a unique combination of world class medical talent, state-of-the art equipment, excellent patient care services and the exceptional ambience of the institute. LVPEI partnerships with frontline global corporations combined with consultants global exposure and training have enabled it to offer their patients cutting-edge medical techniques and technologies. Constant formidable research feedback into clinical application – making LVPEI much sought after research and training institute the world over.

Located in Hyderabad LVPEI is a world class eye hospital , research training and rehabilitation center . Since its establishment in 1987, it has grown into a center of excellence in the field of eye health. Today it is a World Health Organization (WHO) collaborating center for human resource development and a pioneer in developing eye health models for underserved of the developing world. The institutes coordinated and interlinked functions of patient care, training, research, rehabilitation, community eye care and product development serve a wide population of persons in need of eye care services and a large network of practitioners and students. A web of national and international partnerships provides a solid framework of support. Underpinning all the efforts of LVPEI are three dominant themes: EFFICIENCY, EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE.

TESS Mission

To provide the highest quality of care to all classes of society at affordable cost. Create an atmosphere of cooperative ophthalmology and help ophthalmic brethren in co-management of patients.

TESS Collaborator

TESS is a Collborator of BOSTON FOUNDATION FOR SIGHT, USA. It runs an international provider clinic for dispensing PROSE devices.

BostonSight PROSE (prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem) is a treatment pioneered by BostonSight that restores visual function, supports healing, reduces symptoms and improves quality of life for patients suffering with complex corneal disease. BostonSight PROSE treatment uses FDA approved (1994) custom designed and fabricated prosthetic devices to replace or support impaired ocular surface system functions. During treatment doctors customize prosthetic devices for each patient’s condition and unique eye shape. PROSE treatment uses the only scleral lens prosthetic devices that are approved by the FDA for therapeutic indications.


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