Maintaining a good balanced diet with different health issues is a difficult task. However, with our team of dieticians, you can keep stress at bay and enjoy your journey to a healthy lifestyle and a fitter body. We help with customized diet plans to tackle each of the below diseases:

Kidney Diseases

We provide low-fat, low-salt diet for kidney diseases. These diets will not only help you control the damage to your kidneys but will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our dietician will also help you with exercise regimes. A healthy diet and a good exercise routine will help maintain your blood pressure levels, sugar levels and thereby minimizing kidney damages.


There are multiple diets plans that an Obese person is bombarded with, leaving him/her confused as to what is good, bad or workable. At this point in time is it best to leave yourself in safe hands and let the experts guide you. In case you are battling obesity then it is critical to get started on a diet to not only control your weight but also avoid other complexities like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are most often an outcome of obesity. Dieticians at The Eye Super Specialities will help your get your blood pressure cholesterol levels under control thereby eliminating heart risks.


We offer specialized diet plans to help you combat lung diseases. Our dietician will also counsel you out of smoking addiction, if any, and stimulate lifestyle changes.

Liver diseases

It is very important to control or prevent Liver diseases from becoming complicated as these can be fatal and also lead to many other diseases. Following a healthy diet can help you reverse such symptoms and lead you to the path of a healthy lifestyle.


During pregnancy diet control is needed not only for the mother but also for the new born baby. A heathy diet will prevent any complications at the time of delivery. Following expert advice will also ensure that the new born baby is healthy and high on immunity.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

PCOD is an irreversible lifestyle disease causing hormonal imbalance. A good diet and exercise regime can only help in keeping this under control.


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