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The Eye Super-Specialties (TESS) is a group of highly qualified super specialty trained ophthalmologists, situated in the heart of North-East Mumbai with a population of over 3.5 million.


Myopia (short-sightedness) is a vision defect resulting from the eye being too long from front to back,or from the cornea (the clear part of the front of the eye which allows light in) being too steeply curved.

Children's eye exams and glasses

Your child may be afraid of an eye exam and may not cooperate. You can help by telling your child what to expect..

  • There won’t be any injections.
  • The doctor may put drops in your eyes.
  • The doctor shines a light in your eyes to see inside them
  • The doctor asks you to name pictures or letters or point to things. You may wear special glasses or sit at a big machine.

The cornea is the transparent dome-shaped front part of the eye and its most important focusing lens. The surface of the cornea must be exquisitely smooth and appropriately shaped to function properly. The central cornea in keratoconus becomes thinner, which can cause it to balloon outward and impair vision.

Lasik Facts
  • Fast, effective and reliable procedure
  • Better night vision
  • Less sensitivity to glare
  • Customised treatment for eye
"Lose" your Glasses & bring your world into "Focus"

Lasik is one of the safest surgeries in human body, however as with any medical procedures there are certain risk involved which a candidate may understand and accept before surgery. Please make sure you have discussed your case in detail with your surgeon and understood all aspects of the procedure.


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