Loss of any body organ, especially eye is psychologically devastating. It is a functional and Cosmetic issue. Although function cannot be brought back, It is our ardent effort to restore the natural appearance and motility by artificial means. Ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye that is implanted in patients who have lost their eye due to various cause such as trauma, surgery, cancer, or in patients with shrunken, damaged eyes, congenital absence by birth or abnormally small sized eyes with no visual potential. Cosmetic rehabilitation for these patients through the implantation of ocular prosthesis helps in restoring the patients’ confidence by improving their external appearance.

Ocularistry is the art of creating a natural looking artificial eye in their absence. The custom artificial eye is an impression of an eye fitted to match the normal eye, to make it appear more natural and provide maximum motility and comfort. It snugly fits over the implant and the soft tissue; the motility of the implant is thereby transferred to the back of the artificial eye.

In our inhouse lab ocularist makes the artificial eyes. They are made from the highest grade of medical materials compatible with ocular tissues. Initially the impression of the socket is taken and then the custom ocular prosthesis is hand painted to match the color of the other eye taking into consideration minute details like the pattern of blood vessels. Finally the ocular prosthesis is polished and ensures proper fit and comfort restoring the natural

Eye removal may be necessitated due to intraocular tumor, post devastating eye injuries, painful blind eye and to improve cosmesis in a disfigured eye. After removal of the eye the lost volume is replaced by an appropriate sized ball implant (made of biocompatible material) placed either in the orbit after enucleation or inside the scleral shell after evisceration. Effort is made to attach the muscles to the implant to maximize the motility. Artificial can also be placed over a small shrunken eye ball to give natural look and improve cosmesis without surgery.

Artificial eye fitting can be done in 1 or 2 visits in majority of cases. A change of artificial eye may be required in children as per growth of the face and the eye. Adults require less frequent replacements.

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