The second leading cause of blindness, glaucoma leads to irreparable vision loss. It is a disease in which the fluid pressure increases within the eye. The anterior chamber is a small space in the front of the eye through which clear liquid flows to nourish the tissues. In the case of Glaucoma, the fluid drains slowly. The Built up of the fluid leads to a rise in the intraocular pressure which damages the most yielding tissue- the optic nerve. Any damage caused to the optic nerve is irreversible and leads to loss of peripheral vision to begin with and encroachment of central vision in advance cases.

The types of Glaucoma include:-
  • Primary Open Angle
  • Angle Closure
Primary Open Angle

The most common type of Glaucoma, it occurs due to the clogging of the eye’s drainage canal over time. In the case of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, the correct amount of fluid can’t drain out of the eye. More often than not, there are no warning signs for the occurrence of this condition. This type of Glaucoma condition causes a gradual loss of vision. It can be treated if diagnosed early.

Angle – Closure Glaucoma

A condition where the eye pressure rises very quickly. The blocking of the drainage canals is similar to that of a blocked sink which happens under certain conditions or with some medications. The symptoms for this condition include severe eye pain and headaches, nausea, rainbows- ‘Haloes’ around lights, sudden sight loss and blurred vision.


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