An ocular oncologist specializes in the treatment of all types of eye tumors such as benign, cyst and mole. Even malignant tumours that have started in other parts of the body and spread to the eye are treated by Ocular Oncologist.

The eye is mainly made up of three parts; the eyeball, orbit and adnexa.

  • Intraocular cancer - It starts from within the eye
  • Secondary Intraocular cancer - Starts in another part of the body and gradually spreads and affects the eye too

Tumours are of two types

  • Benign - non cancerous- Lipoma, oma etc
  • Malignant - Cancerous viz. Rhabdomyosarcoma, Retinoblastoma
Questions to ask your Ocular Oncologist
  • What size is the tumour?
  • What treatment options exist?
  • Will there be any side effects?
  • What are the chances of my cancer spreading?
  • Will I receive follow-up after the treatment?


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