Any form of physical or chemical injury to the eye is a form of eye trauma. If not treated immediately, it can pose a serious threat to your eyesight. Two of the most common symptoms are redness and swelling of the affected eye. There could be many reasons for eye injuries ranging from soap entering the eye to irreparable eye damage or vision loss occurring due to accidents at home, school, and workplace and even while traveling.

Once described as a neglected condition, this disorder has now been highlighted as one of the major reasons for visual impairment accounting to approximately 10-15% of all eye injuries. An interesting fact that remains to be dealt with is that 90% of all eye injuries are preventable. Location, environment and one’s lifestyle impacts the nature and cause of this condition. There has been research and numerous studies done on this traumatic condition and every country and culture addresses these disorders distinctively. There exist different patterns of ocular injuries faced by patients and each treatment requires a different protocol.

Some eye injuries, such as deep lacerations or bleeding inside the eye, require immediate treatment or surgery to prevent permanent eye damage resulting in vision loss. But other injuries — such as mild scratches to the surface of the eye — often require only monitoring after an initial visit to the eye doctor to make sure complications such as eye infections don't occur.


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